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Guest Blog Series: The Journey from SAP Crystal Reports to SAP BusinessObjects

Praetura Asset Finance (PAF) offers tailored funding options such as asset-based finance, hire purchase, finance leasing and refinancing. Always ahead of the technology curve, Daryl Johnson, Deputy Managing Director, decided to deploy SAP BusinessObjects and this is his four-part guide of their experience when migrating up towards the world-leading Business Intelligence solution.

Posted By Daryl Johnson, Deputy Managing Director, Praetura Asset Finance, www.praeturaaf.com, August 7, 2018

Why the Public Sector Should Embrace Analytics as Part of Digital Transformation

Public sector organisations have faced extreme funding shortages and had to implement cost-saving measures for many years. Seemingly, there is always more money to be saved and efficiencies to be found. Many of these problems have been solved with the introduction of ‘digital transformation’. The idea is that public sector organisations would move from traditionally paper-based or physical processes to online and digital ones.

Posted By Adriane Gillies-Read, Marketing Manager, on 19th July 2018


The Importance of Analytics and The Cloud for Modern Manufacturers

Manufacturing is, by its very nature, an extremely data-heavy industry. All processes, from managing supply chains and resources to the actual production and delivery of goods. Machines and processes must be monitored in excruciating detail – any drops in efficiency or maintenance required needs to be addressed urgently so production is not damaged.

Posted By Adriane Gillies-Read, Marketing Manager, on 17th July 2018


How Retailers Can Get the Most Out of Data and Analytics

The UK retail landscape in 2018 is highly competitive. Customer behaviour and how people choose to interact with and purchase from brands has shifted significantly in recent times. The problem is that many retailers have found it difficult to adapt and keep up with these developments. They lose out on market share, and in the worst cases, go out of business. But for those that fold, there are also others that are thriving. They have found ways to stay ahead of trends and maximise their profits.

Posted By Adriane Gillies-Read, Marketing Manager, on 17th July 2018


Top 5 Reasons Why Logistics Companies Should Embrace Digital Fitness Via Data and Analytics

Thinking about Digital Fitness is much the same as traditional, physical fitness. You need to practice to get better, and, you must start somewhere. The journey isn’t always going to be easy, but the benefits are obvious – we’re all aware of them.

Posted By Adriane Gillies-Read, Marketing Manager, on 13th June 2018


Universe 'month name' Object That Orders Chronologically

If you use a month name field (or convert a month number to name), it is a string object, so orders alphabetically in a report. The report users can change this with a custom sort but this is cumbersome.

Posted By Angus Menter, BI Services Manager, on 16th January 2018


Waterfall Charts in SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.2

I've just taken a look at the new Waterfall Chart feature in CR4E 4.2 SP2. I thought the idea of tracking weight loss over a period of time would be a good visual representation of the data. My data is very simple, consisting of a weekly period starting on the first Sunday of the week from the beginning of 2016 until the current week. I have stored the weight in kilograms and then a variance from comparing the weight loss (or gain!!!) between weeks.

Posted By Steve Chapman, Senior BI Consultant on August 9th, 2017


SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio: The New Generation Dashboard Solution from SAP

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio enables application designers to create analysis applications and dashboards – based on universe data sources – for browsers and mobile devices (iPads, for example). The other reason we like it is that it is totally customisable but requires application development skills to carry out this customisation and this is what we do very well at The Business Objects People.

Posted By Jamie, Senior Developer, on 14 April 2017


Proceed With Caution

An Instructive Tale About the Installation of SAP Sybase IQ

The aim of this blog is to share the story of the installation of a complex software application and the steps taken to troubleshoot issues when they arise.

Posted By Steve Chapman, Senior BI Consultant, on November 26, 2016