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Connecting to Data with SAP Crystal Reports

Connecting to Data with SAP Crystal Reports

In 2020, SAP released a new version of their iconic operational reporting tool SAP Crystal Reports. Called SAP Crystal Reports 2020 it maintains the traditional aspects of the tool that have made it such a success over the years and adds a few extras to help it maintain its position within the marketplace.Once you have purchased and installed your copy of SAP Crystal Reports the next task is to connect to your data and start building a report. That data connection can cause some headaches though, here are some tips on what you’ll need to know.

  • What type of database do you have? If it’s something common like a Microsoft Access or SQL Server database then your Windows PC probably already has drivers installed for that. If it’s an Oracle, Postgres, DB2 or other type then you might need to download and install drivers from the supplier.
  • Where is that database and who has rights to it? You will need database credentials (a username and password normally) and the address of the server it lives on, as well as the name of the database or schema.
  • What method do you want to connect with? There are ODBC, OLEDB, JDBC and client connections (sounds like the start of a showtune); 32bit and 64bit connections; ‘middleware’ could be involved. It all depends on your version of Crystal and what your database vendor has supplied.

It sounds complicated but it’s easy once you know how!

Posted By Keith Fisher, Senior BI Consultant on 19th January 2021

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