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Help! My Crystal Report Won't Work!

Help! My Crystal Report Won't Work!

There are, sadly, many, many, things that can go wrong in life, and quite a few of those things pertain to data and technology. As a new owner of SAP Crystal Reports software you’ll be hoping for a smooth ride with as few bumps as possible.

We can help ensure your journey is like rolling downhill on a gyroscopically-balanced unicycle, into a crash-mat of feather-and-down pillows: swift, fun, and luxurious!

Problems Installing the Software?

Have you got admin rights on the machine; do you have the right keycode; have you run the installer properly or just unzipped the downloaded files; have you run the installer as an admin (right click it, don’t double-click it); is anti-virus switched on and blocking it?

Problems Connecting to Data?

Have you got the right credentials; have you got the right drivers; do you know where your database is; have you set up 32bit or 64bit connectivity; does your username have ‘read’ rights on the correct tables; is your database running; are there firewalls between you and it?

Problems Creating Reports?

Do you know where the data is held; do you know what format it is in; do people enter the data correctly; do you know what keys are in your tables; do you know the difference between inner and outer joins; can you write formulas?

We can help solve all of these problems, and more, so please get in touch with us at DSCallards if you have any Crystal Reports related questions.

DSCallards have been training organisations in SAP Crystal Reports for many years and offer a number of courses to suit you. If you think we can help, you can see more of what we can do for you by visiting our dedicated Crystal training website.

You can call us on 0808 164 2625 or email us at

Posted By Keith Fisher, Senior BI Consultant on 19th January 2021

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