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I’ve Created a Masterpiece in SAP Crystal Reports!

Now how do I ensure other people see it and know how great it is?

We can help ensure your journey is like rolling downhill on a gyroscopically-balanced unicycle, into a crash-mat of feather-and-down pillows: swift, fun, and luxurious!

With SAP Crystal Reports you can create insightful reporting with critical business information, spend time and brain-power imbuing them with analysis and depth, and take great care over the formatting and presentation – but if you don’t get them in front of the right people all of that effort is for nothing.

From within the developer tool you can choose to print you report, or export the data to PDF, CSV or Excel formats. If you have more than one licence then you can send the .RPT files themselves to others to open and marvel at. Another low cost option is to make use of a Crystal Report viewer application though these can have limited functionality.

The very best way to experience SAP Crystal Reports is through SAP Crystal Server – a browser-based application that presents your reports in a secure platform. In there you can interact with, drill-down into and filter your reports, and so can others.

With named and concurrent licences available your whole organisation could benefit from the insights in your reports. And not just that: once you have SAP Crystal Server then the monotony of manually running and sending reports is taken away too, and everyone (including your customers or suppliers) could receive automated reporting output in a variety of formats. Scheduling and report-bursting gives you great flexibility and scope to get your masterpieces in front of as many eyes as you need.

So once you have created some reports in your new software come to talk to us about how to distribute them and make them get seen by decision makers and directors.

Posted By Keith Fisher, Senior BI Consultant on 8th April 2021

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